Dr. Greg Moody helped me to see where to focus my efforts…

  • The conflict resolution seminar with Dr. Greg Moody helped me to see where to focus my efforts when conflicts arise with clients. Learning how to narrow in and build empathy with the client is a game changer that will reduce heated conflicts going forward. – Mr. Joshua Booth, Lehi, UT

Totally outstanding!

  • I haven't attended a seminar or webinar in a while, I listened to the preschoolers one. Totally outstanding and mind-numbing with motivation. I just personally want to send a blackbelt. Shoutout to you and the rest of the people involved. Great job. My mental curriculum has been rotated. I would love to have the class report card 6 life skills and class planner and anything that you have available. This webinar is on a 5 star master level. If it means anything to you this is what I so desperately needed. Thanks a PILE!


  • The webinars provided by Master Moody are excellent. The content is clear and concise and has helped me to improve my own teaching methods and to update my team by expanding their knowledge base.