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  • Sr. Master Moody's great insights and practical application have our classes and our school operating at a higher level than I could have imagined. Thank you sir!

  • Greg Moody is the Best! This martial arts Leadership manual is easily translated to apply to your Bussines, School Teachers, Sports Program Coaches or Your Own Personal Growth!

  • I have the original edition of the Life Skills of Leaders. The concept that Leadership is an innate ability or quality gets crushed by this book. I have used the material in this book to train leadership skills and watched many individuals grew from 100% followers to first-rate leaders. My background is in martial arts, but the leadership skills in the book are universal.

  • This was full of good information. No games. Formal curriculum that references the youth and adult curriculum. Follow up cards and contacts. Much useful info.

  • Another valuable webinar by Sr. Master Moody! The way the information was presented it was easy to understand and better yet simple to implement! Looking forward to the next presentation!!

  • Great job! I took several notes and am implementing today. Thank you

  • I haven't attended a seminar or webinar in a while, I listened to the preschoolers one. Totally outstanding and mind-numbing with motivation. I just personally want to send a blackbelt. Shoutout to you and the rest of the people involved. Great job. My mental curriculum has been rotated. I would love to have the class report card 6 life skills and class planner and anything that you have available. This webinar is on a 5 star master level. If it means anything to you this is what I so desperately needed. Thanks a PILE!

  • I have been running my Martial Arts school for twenty five years. This book has made a huge impact on my students. I highly recommend this book for any martial arts school.

  • Dr. Greg Moody’s lecture on conflict resolution with both informative and practical I'm certain it will be able to use this and both professional and personal lives. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in improving their relationships in business as well as personal relationships participate in his lecture. – Sr. Master Gerald Dunn, Poughkeepsie, NY

  • Dr Moody is thoughtful, experienced and an expert in teaching leadership skills. Thumbs way up!

  • This book presents a straight forward approach to understanding the important elements that contribute to the development of a good leader. Sr Master Moody's has successfully utilized this approach in the development of his leaders and students.

  • Senior Master Moody again hit it out of the park with his webinar on Classroom Management. Thank you, Senior Master Greg Moody.

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