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  • Great!

  • 5 STARS I got this book and was like Wow if you are looking for a book to put in your martial arts program this is the book. Break down step by step what you need to do for leadership skills.

  • The knowledge imparted by this book goes a long way to creating leaders. My son is now an assistant coach because he has learned leadership skills from Master Moody. Buy this book.

  • The webinars provided by Master Moody are excellent. The content is clear and concise and has helped me to improve my own teaching methods and to update my team by expanding their knowledge base.

  • I haven't attended a seminar or webinar in a while, I listened to the preschoolers one. Totally outstanding and mind-numbing with motivation. I just personally want to send a blackbelt. Shoutout to you and the rest of the people involved. Great job. My mental curriculum has been rotated. I would love to have the class report card 6 life skills and class planner and anything that you have available. This webinar is on a 5 star master level. If it means anything to you this is what I so desperately needed. Thanks a PILE!

  • The Life Skills of Leaders is an excellent book for students, teachers, parents or anyone wanting to develop real leadership skills. I read the first version back in 2006, and Dr. Moody's six pillars of leadership are still thoroughly relevant today.

  • Awesome!!! Master Moody never fails to deliver the best content ( Value from start to finish) What I love about his seminars is the fact that he and all of the presenters are true martial artists with multiple successful schools, most Martial arts consultants these days don't even have a school...LOL.....If you are looking for the real deal you have found them.

  • Fantastic book! Sr.Master Moody again delivers deep insight into developing leaders for tomorrow and by no surprise with his in depth knowledge, training and application of his studies has proven it WORKS.

  • The Author uses the principles of Martial Arts really well to that can apply to everyone.

    I liked the simplicity of the discipline and what aspects of discipline I am using right now that I can beef up to make the classes better!

    • Master Moody’s webinar was very informative. His PowerPoint presentation made it incredible easy to follow along and learn from him. He knows his stuff. I highly recommend joining his next webinar.

    • Absolutely outstanding information on how to conduct preschool students from 3 to 5 years old I Always have challenges working with these small young member students So yes a give to this webinar seminar five stars thank you

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