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  • I'm enjoying the information that has been coming out of these presentations hosted by Master Moody and his panel. There is always something that I can take away to implement into my own school. I continue to look forward to future webinars.

  • I would like to express my appreciation for your informative presentation on conflict resolution. I really learned a lot and I believe that this will be a valuable solution to a number of different situations including workplace, relationships, family, and businesses. I even gained some insight about my own issues with conflict resolution- so on a personal level it was very valuable as well. – Diane Reeve Kirby, Plano, TX

  • Fantastic book! Sr.Master Moody again delivers deep insight into developing leaders for tomorrow and by no surprise with his in depth knowledge, training and application of his studies has proven it WORKS.

  • I have the original edition of the Life Skills of Leaders. The concept that Leadership is an innate ability or quality gets crushed by this book. I have used the material in this book to train leadership skills and watched many individuals grew from 100% followers to first-rate leaders. My background is in martial arts, but the leadership skills in the book are universal.

    Great seminar Lots of useful information

    • This was full of good information. No games. Formal curriculum that references the youth and adult curriculum. Follow up cards and contacts. Much useful info.

    • Master Moody’s webinar was very informative. His PowerPoint presentation made it incredible easy to follow along and learn from him. He knows his stuff. I highly recommend joining his next webinar.

    • Always enjoy Sr Master Moody’s Seminars Very knowledgeable in his field. I’m very grateful for all the phenomenal information, that I can use to enhance my practice. Very good attention to detail, both in the material and the way it is presented. Your ability to compile research for us enhances the Martial Arts profession and relay it in a way we can use in practice is terrific. Thank You so much.

    • I like the suggestions presented as for the most part they reinforce what I do and give me a few other ideas to work into my classes. I have posted it to my school page so that my instructors can see it too.

    • The Author uses the principles of Martial Arts really well to that can apply to everyone.

    • Senior Master Moody again hit it out of the park with his webinar on Classroom Management. Thank you, Senior Master Greg Moody.

    • Once again I have received a wealth of information and direction. Sr. Master Moody delivers his material in a clear and concise manner and we have immediately brought his technique into all classes. We thought we had a pretty good idea on how to run a preschool program, but found several flaws that we will fix. After his last webinar on discipline we saw a 10% increase in our numbers and expect the same in the coming months from this one!

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