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  • I have the original edition of the Life Skills of Leaders. The concept that Leadership is an innate ability or quality gets crushed by this book. I have used the material in this book to train leadership skills and watched many individuals grew from 100% followers to first-rate leaders. My background is in martial arts, but the leadership skills in the book are universal.

  • 5 STARS I got this book and was like Wow if you are looking for a book to put in your martial arts program this is the book. Break down step by step what you need to do for leadership skills.

  • Fantastic book! Sr.Master Moody again delivers deep insight into developing leaders for tomorrow and by no surprise with his in depth knowledge, training and application of his studies has proven it WORKS.

  • I like the suggestions presented as for the most part they reinforce what I do and give me a few other ideas to work into my classes. I have posted it to my school page so that my instructors can see it too.

  • This book presents a straight forward approach to understanding the important elements that contribute to the development of a good leader. Sr Master Moody's has successfully utilized this approach in the development of his leaders and students.

  • Always good, usable information for us to run an even better karate program. Thank you for your hard work putting these webinars on.

  • Mr. Moody is a great instructor and motivator. I highly recommend his book

  • I liked that part how to teach Preschool kids, a coach has to do with them also and they must do everything with one coach all the time. This challenged me to start a class of the 3 to 4yrs old. Thank you must Master Moody I wish I can have curriculum for these kids to start soon, I have been turning parents away.

  • Great job! I took several notes and am implementing today. Thank you

  • I liked the reference material recommended (which I have ordered!). Clear cut instructions and explanations for WHY it works. Already started implementing ( we did have a lot of good ATA structure in place) and seeing great results!

  • Breaks down the Key areas of Leadership. Easy to understand for younger students!

  • Very good webinar. I always tend to agree with most things presented. And agree to the discipline and using "Sir" or "Ma'am"

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