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  • Webinar was very informative and directly to the point. Discipline is lacking in most schools. This totally reinforces our thought process and motivates us to stay on course.

  • I have been running my Martial Arts school for twenty five years. This book has made a huge impact on my students. I highly recommend this book for any martial arts school.

  • Master Moody’s webinar was very informative. His PowerPoint presentation made it incredible easy to follow along and learn from him. He knows his stuff. I highly recommend joining his next webinar.

  • Mr. Moody is a great instructor and motivator. I highly recommend his book

  • I have been taking seminars from Greg Moody for over 20 years and am always impressed with his extensive knowledge. He is very passionate and has the ability to make complex topics easy to comprehend. The latest content regarding Autism is a must for all martial arts instructors!

  • Dr Moody’s advice has helped me tremendously both with my career as well as my personal life. I was able to apply his book to my 30+ year career in the Engineering field. He clearly identifies the steps to becoming a true leader. His vision is very insightful.

  • 5 STARS I got this book and was like Wow if you are looking for a book to put in your martial arts program this is the book. Break down step by step what you need to do for leadership skills.

  • The webinars provided by Master Moody are excellent. The content is clear and concise and has helped me to improve my own teaching methods and to update my team by expanding their knowledge base.

  • I have the original edition of the Life Skills of Leaders. The concept that Leadership is an innate ability or quality gets crushed by this book. I have used the material in this book to train leadership skills and watched many individuals grew from 100% followers to first-rate leaders. My background is in martial arts, but the leadership skills in the book are universal.

  • I liked the reference material recommended (which I have ordered!). Clear cut instructions and explanations for WHY it works. Already started implementing ( we did have a lot of good ATA structure in place) and seeing great results!

  • I would like to express my appreciation for your informative presentation on conflict resolution. I really learned a lot and I believe that this will be a valuable solution to a number of different situations including workplace, relationships, family, and businesses. I even gained some insight about my own issues with conflict resolution- so on a personal level it was very valuable as well. – Diane Reeve Kirby, Plano, TX

  • This was full of good information. No games. Formal curriculum that references the youth and adult curriculum. Follow up cards and contacts. Much useful info.

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